Big Cedar of Lebanon boule goes kiln-side

O, the weather this week’s been frightful, but the Cedar is delightful.

Since it’s been air drying for years , let it kiln, let it kiln, let it kiln…

We’re feeling jolly, can you tell?

Well, it’s been murky old January week here at Cocking Sawmills so by all accounts we should be down in the dumps. But no, not us! Instead we’ve been unloading and reloading the big kiln with Cedar.

Which is exactly the sort of thing that puts a smile on our faces.

Like this…!

Go on Graham… smile for the nice camera.

cocking sawmils graham and paul pack the kiln with cedar of lebanon boule for furniture making and interior joinery


Cedar of Lebanon for the Soul




Here you see before you a hand built wall of English Cedar of Lebanon and it was designed and specified by the clever people at TOAST.

They’re a soulful company who sell beautiful clothing and homeware, championing natural materials ( like our Cedar of Lebanon) and artisan works, handmade items and small production runs.

TOAST are renowned for bringing soul to the high street and we’re thrilled that they chose some of our locally grown Cedar of Lebanon for a shop interior project on the Kings Road.


Cedar of Lebanon

seach from a wide range of timber stocks

Walk through our air dried stockyard any day of the year and at some point you’ll pass through an incredible cloud of perfume – that’s how you know you’ve found the Cedar of Lebanon stock.

Cedar of Lebanon, light to medium brown heart with strong emanating scent. It has medium fine, straight grain but can be knotty with very large, striking integral knots.

It is a durable timber with medium moisture movement and a fairly low strength.

Cedar of lebanon can be difficult to machine and sometimes bark pockets can be troublesome. It can be painted and varnished well though. Glue, oil and polish are all ok but the high resin content prevents most treatments.

This timber has a unique perfume, grows to incredible dimensions & is a sought after by furniture makers for wardrobes & chests of drawers because the scent keeps cloth eating moths and insects at bay.

It’s also used as interior cladding and could even be used as external timber cladding as it is is southern Europe, partially favoured for that ability to repel insect attack.

This Cedar would do well in bathrooms or outdoor kitchens where the durability would be an advantage as well as the great dimensions of boards, perfect for one piece table tops and worktops.

We wouldn’t advise Cedar of Lebanon be used overtly in a bedroom or a kitchen. The perfume, whilst wonderful and useful could be overwhelming at night or around food preparation.

p.s. don’t confuse this Cedar with the other Cedar… Western Red… quite a diffferent proposition.

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a cedar of lebanon stock waney edge board for sale waney edge cedar of lebanon boards for sale in the timber rack endgrain of cedar of lebanon boule and boards air drying in our stock yard  enormous dimension cedar of lebanon waney edge boards air drying for furniture makers  sticking a huge cedar of lebanon natural edge boule as it comes of the saw at the mill toast kings road changing rooms are built with cedar of lenaon kiln dried interior timber claddingkiln dried timber cladding in cedar of lebanon wood species at toast clothing store kings road london kiln dried cedar of lebanon boule of waney edge boards cedar of lebanon boules are huge beceause the cedar of lebanon tree grows to enormous proportions our cedar of lebanon boules are often short becasue the round timber cranes which lift them from the woodland can't lift logs this enormous that are any longer in length a close of cedar of lebanon wood showing the amazing shapes of teh waney edge boards the strength of colour and grain cedar of lebanon trees grown to huge proportions and have often horizontally growing branches which create large round integral knots which emanate strong perfume from within the tightly knotted grain



Cedar of Lebanon

Western Red Cedar, the archetypal timber cladding

We know fresh sawn Western Red Cedar cladding comes high on the ‘wish list’ for lots of building projects.

When we ask our customers ‘why?’ we often hear the same thing… it’s ‘the one we know’.

It turns out ‘Cedar cladding’ has become ubiquitous as the alternative term for ‘timber cladding’ and so we thought we’d ponder that for a moment.

western red cedar featheredge cladding on Midhurst housing development


Western Red Cedar

seach from a wide range of timber stocks


The official word on Western Red Cedar

Rich red brown heartwood, pinky when fresh sawn, pales as it dries but an exterior finish will maintain colouring once surface is dry. Although difficult to treat due to Tannin content WRC is naturally durable, weathers well and silvers down over time.

Popular with architects and designers, WRC is not a heavy duty timber but is great for garden structures, furniture, fencing, decking and gates.



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Not the right Cedar? Try Cedar of Lebanon  the big wood with the big perfume!

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JF.KD.MP.westernredcedar air dried timber cladding profiles.fresh sawn western red cedar timber cladding boards French motorway services Building with Larch cladding & western red cedar doorway detail French motorway services Building with Larch cladding & western red cedar detail



Western red cedar



The Epitome of Extraordinary Timber

Feast your eyes folks. This is not something you’re going to see very often… 5.9m long, 1.4m wide 70mm thick prime grade Cedar boards.

Max measuring up the cedar of lebanon 70mm kiln dried waney edge

You probably know Cedar of Lebanon trees grow to enormous dimensions. You may have seen some of the big Cedar boards in our stock in the past. What’s really rare is to find boards this wide, this long, in this grade and in one piece…


The Timber Rack

The Timber Rack is our wood shop, our retail space, our self-service customer facility.

It’s not the stockshed with it’s blue racked aisles piled high. Nor is it the woodyard stacked with boule upon boule and beam upon beam. But it’s got something.

It’s got browse-ability. It’s got take-away-ness. It’s got shop ’til you drop and impulse-buy-it-now written all over it. We cherish it for it’s element of surprise and delicious unpredictability. Just like life – or a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get.


Our People: Graham Oliver

An archetypal outdoors-man with the greenest fingers on the block.

Graham has been part of our English Woodlands Timber team for going on 17 years.

He joined us in 2003 after a successful career in farming. How successful you ask? Well, in 2002 he was awarded the DEFRA Cup for producing the best marrowfat peas in the UK! (more…)

Customer Spotlight: R W Armstrong

Meet R W Armstrong…

For 60 years, R W Armstrong has provided high quality building services for Hampshire and most of the South of England.

With a foundation of expertise in traditional craftsmanship, the company has built a sterling reputation for high class refurbishments and renovations – the go-to building experts for country homes, period town houses and listed properties. They also construct bespoke homes for private clients, in both contemporary and traditional style.

r w armstrong heritage buildings


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